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Thanks to the explosion of the all-American phenomenon of good-looking older women who take good care of their bodies and lusting after young men, there has been an explosion of cougar dating sites. A cougar after all is an older woman who is in great shape. We’re not just talking about a nice body, but she really has an attitude and personality that’s all about having a good time with younger men. This is one of the hottest trends in the dating world right now and not surprisingly, there are tons of dating sites seeking to cater to this demographic.

The problem is that it’s just like any heavy market demand. There is often a lot of supply and a lot of this supply is not very good. You have to be very careful. This is why many young guys looking to bang cougars are very cautious. In fact, many are skeptical and downright suspicious of free or paid sites that supposedly hook them up with hot cougars. Many guys ask themselves, “Are there good cougar sites?

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